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Robert Larmer

I am both a Christian and a professional philosopher. I became a Christian as an adult as a result of becoming convinced both of the rationality of theism and the historical reliability of the New Testament. In the course of doing this over my time as an undergraduate and graduate student at university, I was fortunate to have a group of friends who provided a safe and welcoming environment in which I could explore Christian faith.

Over the years, although I have published in the areas of philosophy of mind and applied ethics, I have predominantly focused on the topic of divine agency in nature, especially exploring the topic of special divine acts. I have written extensively on the concept of miracle, and also on questions concerning theistic evolution, intelligent design, gap arguments and methodological naturalism.

My aim in this site is to provide interested parties, whether they be professional scholars or interested nonspecialists with the opportunity to explore my investigations into these topics.

I host and maintain this website out of my own pocket to provide free content to interested readers. If you wish to help alleviate some of the expense I incur in doing so, donations are gratefully welcomed through Buy Me A Coffee.


Various Works

Robert Larmer has written an outstanding monography on miracles. He writes with philosophical rigor and intellectual vigor. He leaves few stones unturned. This is the best philosophical defense of miracles in a crowded field.

Amazon book review of The Legitimacy of Miracle

This is a masterful work of philosophical maturity. Patient, meticulous, and well-informed, Robert A. Larmer systematically disarms the philosophical, theological and scientific case against miracles. He completes his case by showing that Christian theism is the best explanation of well-attested biblical and contemporary miracle reports. Intellectual honesty will require skeptics to reconsider their position. Highly recommended.

Angus J. L. Menuge

Angus J. L. Menuge

Concordia University Wisconsin

I thoroughly enjoyed this work and learned much from it. This book is carefully organized, closely reasoned, relentlessly logical, and engaged with a broad range of conversation partners. Sophisticated yet accessible to the interested nonspecialist, it moves the discussion forward on a number of key points.

Dr. Craig S. Keener

Dr. Craig S. Keener

Asbury Theological Seminary

Larmer’s philosophical work manifests two rare qualities. First, crystal clarity: he expresses difficult concepts in a way that almost everyone can understand, avoiding needless, pedantic jargon. Second genuine fairness: he presents alternative viewpoints in their best possible light, never setting up ‘straw men’ to knock down. Both of these admirable qualities are on full display in this present volume.

Dr. Robert Stackpole

Dr. Robert Stackpole

Director of the John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy

Robert Larmer writes with consummate skill on the controversial and elusive concept of miracle 

Dr. Phillip Wiebe

Dr. Phillip Wiebe

Trinity Western University
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